Two lost souls meet on the road….


He’s just killed someone in a bungled petrol station hold up. She’s on the run with a dark secret hidden in the boot of her car. Which he just hijacked. Armed, injured and desperate, he’s making her drive him to the coast - more than five hundred miles away. Someone big is owed money. And the clock is ticking…




Five years after a global economic collapse, a lone former soldier navigates the waterways of Britain in a modified kayak, searching the ruined landscape for his missing wife and children.


When an unexpected detour brings him to small, defenseless community, set up in an old school building and under siege and outnumbered by a brutal, marauding gang, he must find his humanity to abandon his quest and join their fight for survival.




Will and Christine, a wealthy, middle-class couple, fall foul of a sinister cult - The Wolves of God - when a drunken hit-and-run accident leaves one of their members dead and their charismatic leader thirsting for revenge. 


With Will and Christine’s terrible secret putting them beyond the protection of the law, The Wolves slowly turn up the pressure, notch by terrifying notch.


Until one long night under a harvest moon, this nice, ‘respectable’ couple will have to fight and burn and kill to survive…




When experimental military hardware goes rogue, the inhabitants of a remote community, together with a small squad of soldiers sent to retrieve the missing tech, find themselves fighting for survival against a swarm of autonomous killer drones.




When an armoured car hold-up on the outskirts of Chicago turns into a bloodbath, a gang of ruthless criminals are forced to take refuge with their million-dollar haul in an isolated cabin they come across on a remote woodland track.


Their sanctuary quickly becomes a death trap however as something far more deadly than the pursuing police awaits them in the depths of the ancient forest.


Something that is picking them off one by one in the dark.





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