Writer/Director John Langridge


When experimental military hardware goes rogue, the inhabitants of a remote community find themselves fighting for survival against a swarm of autonomous killer drones.




Writers - Emily Isaacs & John Langridge


Amid the bombing and poverty of London during World War One, a shrewd young girl rises to become Queen of the Forty Elephants, a formidable sixty-strong gang of female shoplifters, outwitting West End detectives and other London gangs.


Diamond Alice is a six part, one-hour single camera television serial drama, inspired by the real people and events involved in the

all-female gang called The Forty Elephants that operated in the Elephant & Castle, Lambeth & Southwark area of London in the early twentieth century.




Writer/Director - John Langridge



Three couples meet, seemingly at random at The Rest, a remote cottage on the North Sea coast, which each believes they've booked for a weekend break.


Initially hostile to each other's intrusion, they eventually decide to make the best of it in the large, rambling house.


As the weekend unfolds and the weather closes in, drawing with it an escalating series of strange, unexplainable events, they soon find themselves trapped by a terrifying supernatural force. 



Writer/Director - John Langridge


When an armoured car hold-up on the outskirts of Chicago turns into a bloodbath, a gang of ruthless criminals are forced to take refuge with their million-dollar haul in an isolated cabin they come across on a remote woodland track.


Their sanctuary quickly becomes a death trap however as something far more deadly than the pursuing police awaits them in the depths of the ancient forest. Something that is picking them off one by one in the dark.







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