Drop Dead Films was formed in January 2015 by writer, director & producer John Langridge and producer & writer Emily Wells. It is a multi award-winning independent film and television production company based in East Sussex, England.
To date, the company has produced four films, the award winning dramatic shorts Feminine Incite and Burned and the short documentary The Woman Who Whirls. In 2017, the company embarked on its first feature film, the award-winning 13 Graves which was released in the UK and US in 2019. 
Additionally, John Langridge also directed the independent thriller Four for Oh My! Productions in 2011.
Drop Dead Films continues to grow as an entertainment content creator, seeking to further develop, produce and deliver feature film and television projects utilising a proven production method over the course of the next five years and beyond. 
We aim to become a market leader in the delivery of  projects in the popular thriller and horror genres.

'13 Graves' is now available to buy and rent on ALL major platforms:




'In addition to some great dark humor, the film also delivers an unexpected amount of heart

as it grapples with ideas of karmic justice, guilt and absolution,

and the idea that there is no such thing as good guys and bad guys -

only choices we make and the consequences we face.'


Stephanie Malone




'13 GRAVES delivers on a great atmoshperic story with some solid twists and turns. Writer and director John Langridge 

has done a great job of mashing the cockney gangster and survival horror genres together.'






'Combining the British crime movie flavour of 'Snatch' & 'Lock Stock',

The gangster cool of 'Reservoir Dogs' and the Pagan cult horror of 'The Wicker Man'.'





'An enjoyable, accomplished flick - well worth grabbing your popcorn for.'


Ginny Sanderson

Eastbourne Herald



'...Creepy, bloody and compelling enough to hold your attention and keep you guessing throughout.'


John W. Allman




'Tense, spooky and highly atmospheric'


The Horror Hothouse




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